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The Beginner’s Guide to Embossing

embossing for beginners

Embossing – What Is It?

Embossing for beginners: you’ve heard of embossing. You may have even seen it in action. But what actually is embossing and how do you do it? Embossing is the process of pressing into a surface in order to create a new dimension. What does that mean? Typically, embossing is done on paper (although it can be done on other surfaces as well!), so a logo or design will get pressed into the paper with an embosser. The result is a new raised layer in the form of your design. When you touch the design, you’ll be able to feel its texture and patterns. Pretty cool! If you’re interested in trying this fun technique, you may be looking for good ideas on what to emboss. That’s why Rubber Stamp Station has everything you need to know about embossing for beginners.

What Should I Emboss?

Embossing can be done on almost any flat and malleable surface, such as paper, clothing, glass, wood, and more. Looking for ideas on what to emboss? Rubber Stamp Station has got you covered:

  • Wedding invitations, party invitations, baby shower invitations – you name it! Embossing looks amazing and sophisticated on thick parchment, envelopes, and paper.
  • Business cards. Add a professional touch to your business cards with an embosser. They can make anything look extra fancy!
  • Scrapbooks and personal crafts. Your personal projects will be that much more unique with a customized embossment.
  • Nothing adds that extra-special personal touch to a gift like an embossment. Emboss wallets, cards, books, clothes and more to show your loved ones just how much you care!
  • Embossing your name, a company or band logo, or sports team into your clothing ensures that it’s yours! It’s permanent, personal, and it looks awesome.

Customizable Embossers at Rubber Stamp Station

Embossing for beginners is fun, fancy, and easy! If you’re looking to get started, then it’s time to check out customizable embossers at Rubber Stamp Station. Upload your own design or pick from our gallery with tons of logos. Got questions or need help? Give us a call at 1 (850) 7STAMPS. We’re here to help you take your embossing from beginner to expert in no time.

Embossing – What Is It? Embossing for beginners: you’ve heard of embossing. You may have even seen it in action. But wha...

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Custom Embossers for Every Project

custom embossers

Custom Embossers from Rubber Stamp Station

For sixty years, Rubber Stamp Station has made it our mission to provide quality and affordable supplies to help crafters and business professionals alike add a personal touch to any project. That’s why we offer custom embossers in a variety of sizes. Using our easy customization and upload tool, anyone can create a custom embosser for both on-the-go and at-home needs. Our custom embossers will make any envelope or stationary look official and add that special personal touch that belongs to you!

Personalize These Projects with Custom Embossers

Whether professional or personal, your projects will look classy, creative, and official with a custom embosser. Here are a few uses for a custom embosser:

  • Save the Dates and Invitations: Whether you’re getting married or just want to spruce up an invitation to any party, custom embossers will let you add a personal and creative touch to envelopes and invitations.
  • Business: If you’re an entrepreneur or office professional, custom embossers are just what you need to show everyone that you mean business. An official company logo or insignia looks great embossed on an envelope. Already sealed the deal? Embossing a thank you card to your clients adds a personal touch that shows them you mean it. This 2” custom embosser even lets you do it on-the-go if you travel or spend time out-of-office!
  • Scrapbooking: Calling all crafters out there! Embossing pages in your scrapbook is a fantastic way to mark phases in your life and add a unique impression to every page.

Custom Embossers for Any Project

Custom Embossers are the perfect way to add a unique touch to any project. Give your invitations and business projects a more official look or get creative for crafts and personal projects! At Rubber Stamp Station, we offer custom embossers in a variety of sizes, so you can emboss at work or on-the-go. Whatever the occasion, add your unique style to any project with custom embossers from Rubber Stamp Station. You can even round out the deal with custom stamps to match! Browse our catalogue for all your custom office and crafting needs.

Custom Embossers from Rubber Stamp Station For sixty years, Rubber Stamp Station has made it our mission to provide qual...

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Fun Craft Projects to Do with Kids – Part 2


Craft Like a Champ With Your Kids!

Our last blog post looked at a few fun craft projects to do with kids. We went over how to create a homemade children’s book and how to tap into your childhood nostalgia with cootie catchers. This week, we’ll look at a few more arts and crafts projects that both you and your kids will love!

Make a Collage

Collaging is a timeless and creative way to put your personality on paper. The best part? It takes no artistic talent! However, that doesn’t mean you can’t get artsy. Here’s what you’ll need:

  • Large paper or poster board
  • Magazines, newspapers, old books, or anything you don’t mind cutting up
  • Scissors
  • Glue

The simplest way to collage is to cut pictures and phrases out of magazines and newspapers that reflect you and your personality. If you love fashion, cut outfits! Love animals? Cut out a cute puppy picture. Once you’ve cut out a lot of clips and snippets that show who you are, glue them all down on your larger paper or poster. It’s that easy! To really get into it, we recommend adding more personal touches to your collage with stickers, stamps, embossing, fun drawings or paint, or anything else you can think of. It’s simple in its basic form, but the more you add to it, the more things that make you uniquely you will jump off the page. And who knows, maybe you’ll learn more about yourself and your kids as you go!

Start a Personal Journal

What you’ll need:

  • Blank journal, notebook, or just paper combined into a book or folder
  • Writing utensil
  • Any art supplies desired

A common misconception about a journal is that it’s all about writing your feelings. A journal definitely can be used for that, but it can also be a fun, ongoing creative project. Similar to a collage, a journal is a reflection of you – who you are, your inner thoughts, desires, feelings. Many people find journaling to be helpful and therapeutic! Getting your kids to start a journal early in their lives may help them find a sense of self and confidence in expressing themselves.

A great way to journal, especially for young children, is to let creativity drive the project. Journaling isn’t all writing. Like a scrapbook, a journal can be drawings, pictures, painting, stickers, stamps, song lyrics, poetry, mini-collages, and more.

Keep the Crafts Going with Rubber Stamp Station

Collaging and journaling are fun crafts projects to do with kids and are a great way to express yourself. At Rubber Stamp Station, we want your crafts to reflect all the things that make you unique. That’s why we offer customizable stamps that let you put a personalized touch on any project. Check out our catalog for all your crafting needs and let your personality shine through. For more information, call us at 1 (850) 778-2677.

Craft Like a Champ With Your Kids! Our last blog post looked at a few fun craft projects to do with kids. We went over h...

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An Embosser for Every Project

Embossing can spruce up any letterhead or project, whether it’s for creative pleasure or for your business. Although typically used for business letters and envelopes, as well as for notaries, embossing can be a fun way to add to all your personal and artistic ventures as well. The Rubber Stamp Station has an embosser that fits the size and purpose for whatever you need to emboss.

Uses for an Embosser

  1. Business – Embossing an envelope or letterhead can add a layer of professionalism to your business. The imprinted company seal or logo looks crisp and official on thick envelopes and letterheads.
  2. Notary Embossment – The Rubber Stamp Station provides Notary Embossers for every state, fit to specific state guidelines. We offer both desk and pocket embossers, so you can notarize at your place of business or on-the-go as needed.
  3. Scrapbooking – Scrapbooking is a fun and personal hobby. Add a personal flair to the thick pages by embossing your name, initials, a date, or something that expresses your distinct style and personality!
  4. Invitations and Save the Dates – Summer is wedding season! Add an embossment to your invitations and save the dates to give them an official style that reflects the permanence and personality of your relationship.

We have plenty of sizes available!

Desktop Embossers:

  1.       1 – 5/8”
  2.       2”
  3.       1” x 2”
  4.       Heavy Duty 2”
  5.       Long Reach 2”

Pocket Embossers:

  1.       1 – 5/8” (Black or Pink)
  2.       2” (Black or Pink)
  3.       1” x 2” (Black)

Notary Embossers:

  1.       Available for All 50 States! Fit to custom specifications of the state.

Whatever you need to emboss, Rubber Stamp Station has an embosser that can fit the size, scope, and purpose of your project. From personal to business, an embosser will professionalize and add personality to your paper. Check out our catalogue online for all your embossing needs, or call us at 1 (850) 778-2677 for more information!

Embossing can spruce up any letterhead or project, whether it's for creative pleasure or for your business. Although typ...

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Invest in the Best Notary Stamps This New Year

Best Notary Stamps

Are you looking to invest in the best notary stamps online? Upgrade your stamps and embossers this New Year with Trodat’s notary stamps and embossers from the Rubber Stamp Station, the experts in notary stamps and notary embossers for notary publics across America.

The Best Notary Stamps on the Market

Whether you’re looking for a notary stamp that is rectangular or round, large or small, we have every shape and size made by Trodat, the number one brand in rubber stamps! Our customizable notary stamps are produced exactly to your specifications so you can rest assured you’re being properly represented as a top professional in your field.

Fully Customizable

Our stamps can include everything from your name, seal, commissioner number to even your county name. Each state notary stamp can be customized with your state’s notarial seal and an expiration date. We provide notary stamps customized in approved layouts for all fifty states, excluding the state of California due to California state regulations. Please contact us at 1 (850) 7STAMPS for more information if you wish to purchase notary stamps or embossers for the state of California.

A Huge Selection of Notary Embossers

If you want to invest in quality notary products like the best notary embossers available, you don’t want to miss the huge selection from Trodat at Rubber Stamp Station. Available with all of the same features as our notary stamps, every custom notary embosser is made to your exact specifications and in the approved layouts for all 50 states, excluding California as we mentioned above.

The Highest Ethical Standards

Some distributors will sell their Trodat notary stamps and embossers to anyone with enough money. Here at the Rubber Stamp Station, we follow all state regulations and take care to ensure that these very important stamps end up in only the right hands.

When you’re looking to invest in quality notary embossers and notary stamps, don’t trust the imitators – get the real thing from Trodat at, your trusted source for quality stamps! Set yourself apart from the rest of the pack. Call us today at 1 (850) 7STAMPS to get the finest quality notary products.

Are you looking to invest in the best notary stamps online? Upgrade your stamps and embossers this New Year with Trodat’...

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Show Your Team Spirit with Mascot Rubber Stamps!

Mascot Rubber Stamps

Choosing a mascot for your group, whether it’s your sports team, your business, or your family, is a fun and memorable way to represent what you stand for and are passionate about. Here at Rubber Stamp Station, we make it simple to put your unique mascot on a variety of surfaces, from paper to fabric, using our high-quality mascot rubber stamps.

In our extensive logo library, we offer hundreds of different mascot images, including animals, sports symbols, country emblems, and much more. And just in case you can’t find a pre-made logo that represents your group perfectly, we give you the option to upload your own!

So how should you go about deciding which type of mascot rubber stamp to purchase from our website? It all depends on where and how you plan to use it! Here’s a breakdown of which product is right for which purpose:

  • Clothing Marker Rubber Stamp – Would you like to put your group’s mascot on team jerseys, company uniforms or other fabric items? A permanent, self-inking clothing stamp is the perfect tool for the job. Simply upload your mascot image or create one using our WizardDesign portal and you’ll be all set to stamp your emblem on shirts, hats, sporting equipment, and much more!
  • Return Address Rubber Stamp – Whether you’re stamping your home address or the address of your group’s headquarters, adding a mascot logo to your return address rubber stamp will instantly spice up your envelopes and make your group stand out!
  • Customizable Embosser – Want your mascot to look a bit fancier? Opt for a customizable embosser, which will add an elegant raised impression of your mascot image to envelopes, stationery, and other paper items.

These are just a few of the ways in which you can use our products to include your group’s mascot on your favorite items. Feel free to let your imagination run wild and experiment with others!

Customize Your Mascot Rubber Stamps Today!

Want to show the world that you’re a proud member of a team or group? It’s time to order mascot rubber stamps from Rubber Stamp Station! On our easy-to-navigate website, you can personalize everything about your mascot rubber stamps, from the ink color to the logo size to the alignment.

Ready to get started? Head over to our homepage or call 1 (850) 7STAMPS now! And while you’re at it, check out our post on how portable rubber stamps can take the stress out of your business trips. We can’t wait to show you why we’re the best source for mascot rubber stamps and much more!

Choosing a mascot for your group, whether it's your sports team, your business, or your family, is a fun and memorable w...

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We’ve Got the Best Selection of High-Quality Embossers!

High-Quality Embossers

Are you on the hunt for high-quality embossers that can be used for both personal and professional jobs? You’ve come to the right place! Here at Rubber Stamp Station, we offer a variety of Trodat Ideal embossers that are designed to meet a wide range of needs. Here are some details about each type of embosser we sell to help you choose which one is right for your purposes:

  • State Notary Embossers – If your profession requires you to use state notary embossers, you can count on Rubber Stamp Station to provide them! Unlike some companies, we follow all state regulations to make sure our notary embossers are available only to authorized individuals. What’s more, we exclusively carry notary embossers with the government-approved layouts for each of the 50 states. This way, we take the guesswork out of creating a notary embosser that will properly represent you in the state where you work – all you have to do is find your state in our notary embosser catalog and type the specified information into the pre-made template!
  • Round Embossers – Our round embossers are perfect for both company and personal logos. They can be fully customized with an image from our logo library or your own files plus personalized text. Furthermore, our round embossers come in two different sizes – 1-5/8” and 2”.
  • Rectangular Embossers – When you need to emboss an address onto an envelope or stationery, our 1” x 2” customizable embosser is the best tool for the job. Using our WizardDesign portal, you can add up to five lines of text and choose your desired font, ink color and text size. You also have the option to put a graphic or a border on your design if you’d like to make it look a bit fancier!

No matter which of our high-quality embossers you add to your collection, you can rest assured that they will deliver a pristine impression every time and be easy to transport and use, just like all of Trodat’s products.

Order Your High-Quality Embossers Online Today

When you need high-quality embossers, don’t bother going to the office supply store – order from Rubber Stamp Station, the company that lets you customize and order discounted embossing items from the comfort of your own home!

To place an order, visit us on the web or call 1 (850) 7STAMPS. And for valuable tips on using state notary embossers and stamps, don’t miss our past blog post. We can’t wait to be your go-to source for high-quality embossers and much more!

Are you on the hunt for high-quality embossers that can be used for both personal and professional jobs? You've come to...

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Everything You Need to Know About Embossing

Customizable Embossers

In case you aren’t familiar with the term, embossing is the process of adding a new dimension to any surface that can be pressed upon. The raised surface may be a seal, design, logo or pattern, depending on the specific project. Typically, embossing is done on paper, but it can also be performed on glass, wood, leather and cloth. No matter what surface you choose, embossing will add a fancy, personalized look to it.

To help ease you into the wonderful world of embossing, here are a few creative ways in which you might use this process:

  • On stationery – When you spice up your greeting cards, letters and envelopes with an embossed design, your family and friends will surely be delighted. You can emboss anything you’d like, such as “Thank You!” or your return address.
  • To personalize gifts – Want to make your gift recipient feel extra special? Use an embosser to add their name to it! You can do so on leather wallets, journals and much more.
  • On fabric and clothing – Believe it or not, embossing can even be used on furniture and attire! All you have to do is create a design that fits your style and press the embosser onto the surface of the desired fabric.

But wait, there’s more! Embossing also comes in handy for functional purposes:

  • To make business cards elegant – Looking to add flair to your business cards? Make them two-dimensional with a customizable embosser! Whether you choose to emboss your name, job title or some other information upon the card, people will be impressed that you’ve gone the extra mile to represent yourself in an elegant way.
  • On membership cards – If you’re in charge of a club that distributes membership cards, having a customizable embosser is a must. Embossing the name of your club or the member’s name will give an official look to the card and discourage people from trying to create fake versions.
  • To put braille on surfaces – Wondering how to add braille to the signs at your business? Look no further than an embosser!

As you can tell, there are endless possibilities for what you can do with an embosser.

Start Embossing Today with Our Customizable Embossers!

If you think that you could benefit from having a customizable embosser at home or work, then it’s time to check out our selection on! Whether you’re looking for an embosser with a round or rectangular plate, you’ll find it on our website. Plus, we allow you to completely personalize the impression of your customizable embosser! Just upload your layout, and we’ll take care of bringing it to life.

Looking for guidance on what type of customizable embosser to select? Check out our recent post for more details on our offerings or call 1 (850) 7STAMPS to speak with a customer service representative. We can’t wait to hear from you!

In case you aren't familiar with the term, embossing is the process of adding a new dimension to any surface that can be...

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