Fun Craft Projects to Do with Kids – Part 2


Craft Like a Champ With Your Kids!

Our last blog post looked at a few fun craft projects to do with kids. We went over how to create a homemade children’s book and how to tap into your childhood nostalgia with cootie catchers. This week, we’ll look at a few more arts and crafts projects that both you and your kids will love!

Make a Collage

Collaging is a timeless and creative way to put your personality on paper. The best part? It takes no artistic talent! However, that doesn’t mean you can’t get artsy. Here’s what you’ll need:

  • Large paper or poster board
  • Magazines, newspapers, old books, or anything you don’t mind cutting up
  • Scissors
  • Glue

The simplest way to collage is to cut pictures and phrases out of magazines and newspapers that reflect you and your personality. If you love fashion, cut outfits! Love animals? Cut out a cute puppy picture. Once you’ve cut out a lot of clips and snippets that show who you are, glue them all down on your larger paper or poster. It’s that easy! To really get into it, we recommend adding more personal touches to your collage with stickers, stamps, embossing, fun drawings or paint, or anything else you can think of. It’s simple in its basic form, but the more you add to it, the more things that make you uniquely you will jump off the page. And who knows, maybe you’ll learn more about yourself and your kids as you go!

Start a Personal Journal

What you’ll need:

  • Blank journal, notebook, or just paper combined into a book or folder
  • Writing utensil
  • Any art supplies desired

A common misconception about a journal is that it’s all about writing your feelings. A journal definitely can be used for that, but it can also be a fun, ongoing creative project. Similar to a collage, a journal is a reflection of you – who you are, your inner thoughts, desires, feelings. Many people find journaling to be helpful and therapeutic! Getting your kids to start a journal early in their lives may help them find a sense of self and confidence in expressing themselves.

A great way to journal, especially for young children, is to let creativity drive the project. Journaling isn’t all writing. Like a scrapbook, a journal can be drawings, pictures, painting, stickers, stamps, song lyrics, poetry, mini-collages, and more.

Keep the Crafts Going with Rubber Stamp Station

Collaging and journaling are fun crafts projects to do with kids and are a great way to express yourself. At Rubber Stamp Station, we want your crafts to reflect all the things that make you unique. That’s why we offer customizable stamps that let you put a personalized touch on any project. Check out our catalog for all your crafting needs and let your personality shine through. For more information, call us at 1 (850) 778-2677.

Craft Like a Champ With Your Kids! Our last blog post looked at a few fun craft projects to do with kids. We went over h...

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Fun Craft Projects to Do with Kids – Part 1

arts and crafts

Time to Get Crafty!

If you’ve been spending a lot of time with your kids cooped up inside recently, you may be looking for new ideas on how to keep them entertained. Or maybe you just want some new arts and crafts ideas to do together. Here are some fun craft projects to do with kids that both you and your little ones will love!

Create a Children’s Book

Creating a children’s book is a great way to combine a bunch of small projects into one. The materials are easy:

  • Paper – as many pages as you want your book to be!
  • A hole punch
  • Ribbon or string
  • Writing/coloring utensils

To bind your book, punch even holes in your pieces of paper. Loosely tie the ribbon or string through each hole. Not too tight, or your book won’t open as easily! There! Now you’ve got your book. What goes inside is up to you. Draw, write, paint, cut out and glue, the options are endless. We recommend using fun stamps to add a personal touch. Create a story and some characters with your kids, then let your creative spirit take the lead!

Make a Cootie Catcher

Bask in the nostalgia of cootie catchers by making them with your kids. Cootie catchers are a good way to keep the hands busy because, as we all know, idle hands cause trouble. Get your kids folding, coloring, and using those cootie catchers with this handy guide.


  • Square piece of paper (one per cootie catcher)
  • Pen or pencil
  • 4 different colored pencils, crayons, or other coloring utensils

Cootie catchers are fun faux fortune tellers that can be as simple or creative as you want! Personalize them with stamps, pictures, and stickers!

Crafting with Rubber Stamp Station

With everyone at home and more time being spent together as a family, finding fun craft projects to do with kids can be a saving grace. That’s why at Rubber Stamp Station, we want to help you keep boredom at bay and spend quality time with your family. Peruse our catalog for all the fun tools available to help bring your creative projects to life. Stay tuned for our next blog, where we’ll have more fun ideas for craft projects to do with your kids.

Time to Get Crafty! If you’ve been spending a lot of time with your kids cooped up inside recently, you may be looking f...

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How to Change the Ink Pad in Your Self-Inking Stamps

stampsSelf-Inking Stamps – Oh No! I’m Out of Ink

Self-inking stamps are great for businesses and an easy-to-use artistic tool that can help you personalize any document or craft. They’re convenient, clean, affordable, and without an extra pad of ink to carry around, mobile. However, what do you do when they run out of ink? Don’t worry! Changing the ink pad in a self-inking stamp is easy. No need to throw away that stamp. Follow these simple steps to change the inkpad in your Trodat Printy stamp.

The Materials You’ll Need

  • Your Troday Printy Self-Inking Stamp
  • A replacement pad of ink
  • A sheet of paper – any kind will do, even a Sticky-Note

How to Change the Inkpad in Your Self-Inking Stamp

  1. First, you need to purchase a replacement pad for your self-inking stamp. It’s of the utmost importance you buy the right size! To avoid mistakes, simply match the model number of your Trodat stamp to the model number of the replacement pad. For ease of use, all the replacement pads and model numbers are available on our website. Make sure you get the color you want!
  2. Place the Trodat stamp on your sheet of paper. Make sure the Trodat logo is facing away from you.
  3. Find the insert that indicates the current pad. It will be rectangular and thin.
  4. Press down on the stamp while simultaneously pressing the buttons on the sides of the top of the stamp.
  5. Now turn the stamp around so the logo is facing you and press the button below the logo. The ink pad will pop out from the other side! Pull it out and recycle it. All Trodat ink is environmentally friendly and non-toxic.
  6. After you’ve unwrapped your new inkpad, insert it into the chamber with the ink side face up.
  7. Press down on the top of the stamp to lock the inkpad into place.
  8. Do a few test stamps on your sheet of paper. Once it’s printing solidly and clearly, you are ready to use your Trodat Self-Inking Stamp again!

Have Further Questions?

Trodat replacement inkpads are made for self-replacement, but if you still have questions about replacing your inkpad, please call us at 1 (850) 778-2677. For more Trodat products, feel free to take a look at our catalogue. Happy stamping!

Self-Inking Stamps – Oh No! I’m Out of Ink Self-inking stamps are great for businesses and an easy-to-use artistic tool...

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Fun Hobbies For When You’re Stuck At Home

We hope you’re staying safe, healthy, and virtually connected to your family and friends during this tough time. As we all seek to slow the spread of COVID-19, most of us will be staying home for an indefinite period of time. This can be especially challenging for those of us who live alone, or for active people who have trouble staying occupied inside. Perhaps you’re an introvert who prefers to be alone, and you’re enjoying this time! No matter where you land, you might be looking for hobbies to help you pass the time and keep you grounded and peaceful during this stressful season. Here are a few ideas:

Learn an Artistic Craft

In this day-and-age of YouTube, you don’t have to attend art class to learn a new craft. Drawing, painting, pottery, jewelry-making, and more are just a few artistic skills and hobbies you can try by yourself at home! Once you have the necessary materials, let your creativity fly, or watch one of those calming Bob Ross videos on YouTube.


The recipes are free on the internet or you can pick up a cookbook at your nearest bookstore. Bake cookies, cakes, and muffins, or try out that new roasting rub you’ve been dying to taste.


Photography is a great way to see the world through a new perspective. Appreciate nature through a different lens. Setting up and using your own darkroom can be a relaxing and personal experience, so get out there and give it a try!


Whether you just got into photography and need a place to put your new pictures, or you’ve been wanting to collect all your memories in one place, scrapbooking is the perfect hobby for the sentimental person. Scrapbooking combines hobbies like collecting, art, and photography in a way that allows you to creatively and personally preserve your life. Scrapbooks also make great gifts, especially for those people you don’t get to see very often.

Take up Puzzling or Model-Building

Hobbies that require careful patience and the use of your hands can be quite stimulating and very calming. Let the mind sink into a place of focus and relaxation. Time can get away from you in hobbies like this, but the results are always satisfying. Glue and hang your puzzles like an art piece and paint your models to add a personal flair.

Uniquely you – Rubber Stamp Station and Your Personal Hobbies

No matter what hobby you enjoy doing independently, there is always a way to give it that extra-personal touch. Let your personality and independence shine through with Rubber Stamp Station. We offer products like personalized stamps and custom apparel that you can personally design. Enhance your artwork, scrapbooks, models, and photos just the way you like with Rubber Stamp Station. Peruse our catalogue for great ideas or call us at 1 (850) 778-2677 to get started!

We hope you're staying safe, healthy, and virtually connected to your family and friends during this tough time. As we a...

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Create Your Own Look with Custom Apparel

custom apparel

Get Beautiful Custom Clothing with our Screen Printing Services 

Spring is just around the corner, which means all your warmer-weather activities are just getting started. Whether it’s baseball games, your charity run, a family reunion picnic, or a team building event, create custom apparel so  you can rep your team and show off your personal style all season long!

What Can We Print?

Our screen printer is a heavy-duty V2000-HD printing press that creates high-quality prints on fabric. With ten stations, the printing possibilities are nearly limitless!

  • Your kids’ sports or activity team name on hats, t-shirts, and hoodies! Show your team spirit wherever you go.
  • Your company logo. Make every company event fun with matching t-shirts, or rep your company on-the-go with a tote bag.
  • Family Reunion shirts! Make this year’s picnic the best yet with custom shirts.
  • Your intramural dodgeball team name. Intramural sports are just for fun, but you’re going to look awesome compared to those teams who don’t have matching shirts.
  • Knock-knock jokes. Nothing says comedy like wearable jokes.
  • Anything else you can think of — We have shirts, hoodies, jackets, bags, hats, and more in our apparel store, so if you can think it, we can print it.

It’s That Easy with Rubber Stamp Station!

Creating custom apparel has never been so easy with Rubber Stamp Station. Visit our apparel store to check out our selection of available clothes, fabrics, and more for ideas. While you’re thinking about custom apparel, consider one of our Clothing Stamps. Once you have your custom printed shirt, you won’t want to lose it. Our Large Self-Inking Permanent Clothing Stamp can print your phone number and address on clothes so you’ll never lose them or mix them up with someone else’s. It’s nontoxic, non-messy, and the easiest way to make sure those team clothes always make their way back to you. Check out our apparel store and clothing stamps in our catalog, or call us at 1-850-778-2677 for more information about all your stamping, printing, and custom apparel needs!

Get Beautiful Custom Clothing with our Screen Printing Services  Spring is just around the corner, which means all your...

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Environmentally Friendly Stamps from Trodat

environmentally friendly stampsChoose Trodat for Environmentally Friendly Stamps

The environment, eco-friendly products, and “going green” have been hot topics for conversation lately. CO2 emissions are on the rise and many climate activists and scientists are often on the news talking about the environment. It’s hard to not ask yourself, “what can I do to help?” Of course, we can all do our part as individuals by recycling and minimizing waste, but the biggest effect on reducing our carbon footprint will come from what companies choose to do on a larger scale. That’s why Rubber Stamp Station is proud to offer Trodat products. Trodat continuously works to reduce their CO2 output when creating products, as well as cutting back on plastic waste.

What Does It Mean to Be Environmentally Friendly?

It’s easy enough to boast that your company is environmentally friendly. You need to prove it! How does Trodat make an environmentally friendly stamp?

  1. First, Trodat works to create new models of their stamps that are smaller and use less plastic than the previous versions. This reduces plastic waste during the initial design stage.
  2. Secondly, Trodat uses up to 65% post-consumer recycled plastic.
  3. Trodat also uses 100% green electricity to reduce their CO2 footprint.
  4. Even the nature of the rubber stamp is recyclable – one stamp can be used nearly an unlimited number of times.

Go Green with Rubber Stamp Station

Making products the color green or getting a ‘green’ certificate is just not enough when it comes to companies and the environment. That’s why Rubber Stamp Station is committed to offering brands that actively work to reduce their carbon footprint. If you’re looking to support companies and brands that are eco-friendly, then Rubber Stamp Station has just what you need in terms of environmentally friendly stamps. The Trodat Monogram Stamp is a great stamp for any occasion on-the-go, and you’ll never lose a hoodie again with the Trodat Clothing Marker Stamps. Do your part to help our planet by using environmentally friendly stamps for all your stamping activities. For more information, check out this awesome video by Trodat, or call us at 1-850-778-2677 to learn more about environmentally friendly stamps.

Choose Trodat for Environmentally Friendly Stamps The environment, eco-friendly products, and “going green” have been ho...

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How to Create a Custom Stamp

stampsRubber Stamp Station and the Stamp Customizer!

Whether you’re a scrapbooker, a crafting addict, a student with a project, or just need a custom stamp, Rubber Stamp Station can help you in just a few easy steps. For sixty years, Rubber Stamp Station has been in the rubber stamp business, so when it comes to customizable stamping options, we have years of experience behind us that have allowed us to come up with an easy process to help you create personalized stamps that are affordable and of the highest-quality. Plus, our customizer tool is straightforward and easy-to-use!

The Process in Four Simple Steps

  1. The very first step is to pick what shape you want your stamp to be. You can choose from rectangular and round for both standard stamps and dater stamps.
  2. Next choose a template. Choose from one of our pre-designed stamp templates or upload your own. Next you’ll customize the stamp exactly how you want it. Choose a text size, a font, and a logo. You can upload your own logo or choose from our vast logo library. We have tons of options available, especially for holidays and events.
  3. After you’ve created the design, it’s time to pick a stamp. Our system will take the size you’ve chosen and the parameters of the stamp and show you the stamps that work with your custom design.
  4. Once you’ve created your custom design and chosen a stamp, it’s time to check out! If you need to, you can always add to the cart and keep shopping before finalizing your order. Don’t forget to get an ink pad refill!

It’s That Easy with Rubber Stamp Station!

We’ve made it our business and mission to help people easily create their own rubber stamps, and we want to ensure you’ll get the best rubber stamps at the best prices. Whatever the occasion, Rubber Stamp Station can help you design a stamp and pick the stamper that’s right for you. After just four simple steps, you’ll have a custom stamp, just the way you want it. And the best part? You can use it as many times as you want to – or at least until you run out of ink!

Rubber Stamp Station and the Stamp Customizer! Whether you’re a scrapbooker, a crafting addict, a student with a project...

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Creative Homemade Valentine’s Day Card Ideas

valentine'sThinking About Making Homemade Valentine’s Cards This Year?

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner! If you’ve got a child in school or you’re just a Valentine’s Day enthusiast, then you may be starting to think about Valentine’s Day cards. Valentine’s from the store are cute, but they’re common, expensive, and lacking in that personal touch. Say you really care about your loved ones this Valentine’s Day by making homemade Valentine’s Day Cards.

Creative Ideas for Homemade Valentine’s Day Cards

  1. Papier-Mache – papier-mache a timeless art project. It’s fun, creative, and affordable. All you need is newspaper or other strips of paper and glue or flour to make it stick! Form small hearts with handprinted messages for your Valentine’s.
  2. Paper Bag Valentine’s – This is a classic staple of homemade Valentine’s. Decorate a lunchbag with hearts or pictures of things that the recipient enjoys! Then fill it with candy.
  3. Origami Hearts – Instructions for origami is easily accessible online, with videos to watch on YouTube.
  4. Fingerprint hearts – all you need is a red ink stamp pad (like this one from Rubber Stamp Station!). By pressing your thumb down twice (connect at the bottom in a ‘V’ shape), you can form a heart!
  5. Tissue Paper – Cut out a heart from paper and glue on different color strips of tissue paper. The thin material and soft texture create an illusion of stained glass!
  6. Water Colors – Paint your Valentine a picture with water colors! They are affordable at any craft store and the mess is minimal.
  7. Stamp Personalized Valentine’s – Any and all of these ideas can be added to and improved by personalized stamps. At Rubber Stamp Station, we have premade holiday stamps, including Valentine’s Day ones! Or you can upload your own idea for a personalized stamp to make them even more special. The process is easy and affordable, and stamps can be used year-after-year. Your Valentine’s Day cards will always be remembered with that extra personal touch.

Happy Valentine’s Day!

Wishing you all the best with your homemade Valentine’s and lots of love this Valentine’s Day. For even more creative ways to use stamps and other products at Rubber Stamp Station, visit our blog or peruse our catalogue. Happy creating!

Thinking About Making Homemade Valentine’s Cards This Year? Valentine’s Day is just around the corner! If you’ve got a c...

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Stamp into the Holidays with Rubber Stamp Station – Part 2

Winter Holidays and Rubber Stamp Station

The winter holidays are finally in full swing and you’re probably getting ready for parties, gatherings, feasts, and of course, gifts! Rubber Stamp Station has a few ideas to help you make this year’s holidays the best yet!

Baking for the Holidays

A classic staple of the holidays is baked goods! Fruitcakes, pies, brownies, and of course, Christmas cookies! While eating Christmas cookies is the best part of the baking experience, decorating them can be just as fun. If you’re like us, you’re always looking for new ways to keep your cookies fun and unique year after year. You’ve cut them into festive shapes, iced them, sprinkled them red and green, but have you tried stamping them? Use the Trodat 4642 Printy Pocket Stamp to stamp a festive design on the cookies. You can choose a design from our logo catalogue or upload your own. When they’re fresh out of the oven, firmly press the stamp into the warm cookies to imprint the logo right onto your baked goods. Just make sure your stamp has never been inked! A clean stamp is nontoxic, completely safe, and creative. The best part? You can use your stamps year after year to keep the tradition alive.

Give the Gift of Rubber Stamp Station

One of the most anticipated parts of the holidays is, of course, getting and receiving gifts. If you have a creative spirit or a craft-lover in your life, Rubber Stamp Station has the perfect tools to make your loved one smile.

  • For the scrapbooker in your life, try the 4914 Printy Self-Inking Stamp. Like all our stamps, you can choose the size, color, shape, and design for your stamp in our stamp customizer. This stamper is the perfect tool for every scrapbooker to add the perfect finishing touches to every page!
  • For your business-oriented friends, try a 2” customizable embosser. An embosser not only adds professionalism to any letterhead, it also adds a touch of personal flair. A 2” embosser perfectly fits in any backpack, briefcase, or satchel for those who are constantly on-the-go.
  • At Rubber Stamp Station, we also do custom apparel! Create a personalized jacket, clever t-shirt, or fun holiday sweater in our apparel shop! Choose from several brands and clothing types and we’ll press on your custom design.
  • Still looking for gift ideas? View our catalogue to find the perfect gift for your loved ones.

The Holidays are Here… Make Them the Best Yet!

Whether you’re baking, decorating, or giving the perfect gift, Rubber Stamp Station has everything you need to make your holidays the best yet. The best part? Rubber Stamp Station tools and accessories can be used over and over, so the fun never stops and the gifts keep coming. Happy holidays from Rubber Stamp Station!

Winter Holidays and Rubber Stamp Station The winter holidays are finally in full swing and you’re probably getting ready...

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Stamp into the Holidays with Rubber Stamp Station – Part 1

Winter Holidays and Rubber Stamp Station

The winter holidays are just around the corner, and it’s time to start fueling your creative spirit! Whether it’s time to decorate, to bake, to gather with friends and family, or to give the perfect gift, Rubber Stamp Station can help you meet all your festive needs.


One part of the holidays that is the most fun and brings joy all around is decorating! Decorating is a great way to spend time with loved ones and to get in the festive spirit. If you have younger children, homemade crafts are the way to go. Create banners, homemade ornaments, and stockings! One of our favorite crafts is paper snowflakes. They’re simple, safe, fun, and unique! To add a special flair, stamp your paper either before or after you fold it with a personalized design. Use our stamp customizer to select the shape, color, and size. You can pick a design from our logo library or upload your own. We have tons of holiday and special occasion stamps that will take your decorating to the next level! Stamp on paper, fabric, or just about any surface to add that special touch to all your decorations.

Holiday Cards and Letters

Christmas and holiday cards are a great way to keep everyone you love up-to-date about the happenings in your life. They can be fancy or simple, but you’ll want them to reflect your family’s personality and personal style! Use a Trodat Stampy to make each card unique and to include the kids in the creating process. For the final touch, use a customizable embosser to emboss your family name on the envelopes or the cards themselves! It looks professional and adds that extra-personal detail that will really bring your holiday cards together.

Keep the Festivities Fun!

The holidays are a time to spend with family, to have fun, and to spread joy. Let your creative spirit take control and have fun! The crafts and decorations you create will last for years and the memories you make will last forever. To view our full catalogue for more creative ideas, visit our website, and stay tuned for our next blog, which will cover great ideas for holiday baking and gift giving!

Winter Holidays and Rubber Stamp Station The winter holidays are just around the corner, and it’s time to start fueling...

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