The Best Source for Trodat Stamps Online

Are you looking for the best place to find Trodat rubber stamps online? Look no further than, the rubber stamp distributor that combines knowledgeable customer service, great deals and an unbeatable selection all on an easy-to-use website! Here’s a look into what makes our business so special when you’re looking for the best custom rubber stamps around:

  • The right product: When it comes to rubber stamps, we never skimp on quality by distributing the stamps of imitators. Instead, we offer only stamps made by the best and most popular brands in the industry: Trodat and Ultimark. If either of these exceptional brands makes a product, then there’s no doubt we can get it for you!
  • The right price: Our website is overflowing with bargains on rubber stamps. Whenever possible, we price our affordable stamps below our competitors and offer deals anywhere between 15% and 50% off list price! If you’re looking for a bulk order for your school or business, we’re the rubber stamp supplier for you – wholesale rubber stamp pricing is a service we offer to those who qualify.
  • The right people: Every one of our customer service representatives is trained in all things rubber stamps. From ink to the subtle differences between products, your questions will be quickly and accurately answered by true rubber stamp specialists. Unlike some rubber stamp companies out there, we’ve been at it for many years, having many employees related to the first run of Rubber Stampers who opened up our brick-and-mortar store in 1955.
  • The right items in stock: We know how valuable your time is and how busy your schedule is, and that’s why you choose to order your Trodat rubber stamps online. When you order from Rubber Stamp Station, you have a better chance of ordering items in stock than anywhere else online. We have our own brick-and-mortar store, so we keep everything in supply at all times, and when something sells out, we get it back into stock as quickly as possible.
  • The right shipping policies: Not only do we keep our stamps in stock, but we also ship ’em fast. For orders under $30, we charge a low flat shipping fee of just $6.50. For orders over $30, shipping is absolutely free! For any order, you’ll receive tracking so you can keep tabs on exactly when your high quality rubber stamps will arrive!

And that’s why we’re the best place online to buy Trodat rubber stamps! For Trodat ink, Trodat text stamps, Trodat date stamps, Trodat numberers, Trodat clothing markets, Trodat replacement pads, Trodat notary stamps, and so much more, Rubber Stamp Station is here for you! Call us today at 1 (850) 7STAMPS with any questions or to place your order!

Are you looking for the best place to find Trodat rubber stamps online? Look no further than, the...

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Replacing a Trodat Ink Pad

Trodat Ink Pad

Welcome back for another installment of the Rubber Stamp Station blog! This week’s topic is the process of switching out a dried up and inkless Trodat ink pad for a new one in your self-inking Trodat “Printy” stamp.

First, you’ll need to purchase a replacement pad that matches the high quality rubber stamp you already have. Simply match up the model number of the stamp with the model number of the Printy replacement pad and you’ll be good to go! You’ll be able to find all of these replacement pads on our site, the best rubber stamp distributor online.

To get started, you’ll want a sheet of scrap paper and your Trodat replacement pad. Place your printy on the piece of paper so the Trodat logo faces away from you.

Next, locate the thin rectangular insert that is the currently installed ink pad. Press down on the top part of the stamp and depress the small buttons on the sides of the top part of the rubber stamp. Turn the stamp around so the Trodat logo faces you and depress the button below the logo. You will then see the ink pad pop out slightly from the other side of the stamp.

Pull out the ink pad with your fingers and recycle it. Note that all Trodat ink is non-toxic! Now you can unwrap the new replacement pad and insert it into the pad chamber with the inked side face up. Push down on the top of the stamp to lock the pad into place.

Take your waste paper and do a few test prints. You’ll be in business when the print is filled out with even ink coverage.

If at any point in the replacement process, just give us a call 1 (850) 7STAMPS for assistance. Our incredible customer service department is more than happy to help with any of your rubber stamp needs, and we’re also happy to tell you about what else we offer in the way of the best rubber stamps online!

As always, thank you for choosing Rubber Stamp Station!

Welcome back for another installment of the Rubber Stamp Station blog! This week's topic is the process of switching out...

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Which Ink Do I Choose For My Rubber Stamp?

Without ink, a rubber stamp is all look and no show. So what do you do when your stamp runs out of ink? Are there refills or do you have to buy a new stamp? This short blog from Rubber Stamp Station, the best rubber stamp distributor online, will help you determine what the correct course of action is when your self-inking stamp or stamp pad runs out of ink.

When your high quality rubber stamp is in need of an ink source, you’ll first want to make a few distinctions. First of all, you’ll need to determine what brand your stamp is. As expert carriers of the best rubber stamps online, we want you to know that the inks for the two main brands we carry, Trodat and Ultimark, are NOT interchangeable! In the coming explanations of which replacement ink to choose, we’ll tell you why.

For Trodat stramps, you’re looking for either a replacement pad or ink made by none other than Trodat. If you elect to buy and use Ultimark ink instead, you’ll be disappointed when the rubber die on your high quality rubber stamp begins to swell because it’s not compatible with oil-based ink like that made by Ultimark. The end result? A poor stamp impression.

Have you lost your stamp pad or has it aged to a point where you can no longer use it? For self-inking Trodat stamps, you’ll want to find the replacement pad that corresponds with the model number on your stamp. Once you’ve found the correct model, you’ll choose your ink color and be on your way!

If your rubber stamp pad is simply dried up and out of ink, you’ll want to buy some Trodat refill ink. Available in blue, black, green, violet and red, this versatile ink is best kept in multiple colors with multiple pads to ensure that you always have the color of ink you need!

Have a rubber stamp not made by Trodat? If your stamp is made by Ultimark, the process is a bit simpler for you. Because all of the Ultimark stamps we sell are of the pre-inked variety, you’ll want Ultimark Stamp Ink, available in either ½ oz. or 2 oz. Bottles. It’s that easy!

Remember, Trodat ink CANNOT be used with Ultimark products. While both brands make some of the top rubber stamps in the world, you must remember that Trodat ink is a lower viscosity than Ultimark ink, which causes Trodat ink to leak out of any Ultimark stamp. Surely, you don’t want this mess on your hands!

Hopefully this blog has cleared up any dilemma you may have been having about which ink to choose for your rubber stamp. As always, you can find the best rubber stamps online at Rubber Stamp Station, and if you have any questions, call up our customer service hotline at 1 (850) 7STAMPS!

Without ink, a rubber stamp is all look and no show. So what do you do when your stamp runs out of ink? Are there refill...

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The Best Clothing Marker Stamp at the Best Price!

Today we’re going to talk about the Trodat 4911 Clothing Marker Stamp, the best self inking rubber stamp out there to make sure you get your garments returned to you or your organization after washing, misplacement or any other scenario that takes it out of your hands.

The best thing about the 4911 is that it’s permanent and will not wash out when laundered or wear away as you sport the garment. Our permanent clothing stamp is recommended for use on all types of apparel for the following groups of people and at the following places:

  • Schools (breaking down usage by class / grade / subject when applicable – the possibilities are endless!)
  • Gyms
  • Church groups
  • Traveling groups
  • Club members
  • Daycare centers
  • Sports teams
  • Music departments
  • Individuals

There really are too many applications to list for one of the best rubber stamps out there. Without a doubt, these permanent clothing markers are incredibly helpful for any institution doing wash for multiple groups of people. Eliminate the confusion today with a top-notch customized rubber stamp!

If you’re still writing your name on the inside of your shirts, then you need the best permanent clothing stamp out there. Here’s a full list of garments on which the Trodat 4911 Clothing Marker Stamp should be used:

  • Shirts
  • Shorts
  • Pants
  • Socks
  • Underwear
  • Towels of all sizes
  • Jackets
  • Backpacks
  • Tote bags
  • And whatever else you have made of fabric that you would hate to lose!

For a very small investment (just $13.95), you’ll have a backup plan for if you ever lose a piece of your apparel. Once you stamp one shirt, the customized clothing stamp will have essentially paid for itself!

If you have any questions at all about the best clothing stamp out there, just call Rubber Stamp Station at 1 (850) 7STAMPS or email As always, thank you for your help in making Rubber Stamp Station the best custom rubber stamp source online!


Today we're going to talk about the Trodat 4911 Clothing Marker Stamp, the best self inking rubber stamp out there to ma...

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