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How to Choose the Right Refill Ink

Pre-Inked and Self-Inking Stamp Refill Ink

When your stamp runs out of ink, it can become a useless paperweight. Prevent this from happening to you by stocking up on rubber stamp refill ink. Here at the Rubber Stamp Station, we sell many different ink colors for our high-quality Trodat rubber stamps.

How to Select Your Refill Ink

Never ordered rubber stamp replacement ink before? That’s ok. We’re always happy to help. Here are a few tips from our rubber stamp experts to get you started:

  • The type of refill ink you need depends on the brand of stamp that you have. Each brand is designed differently. Therefore, they take different kinds of ink.
    • If you use a cheap, off-brand ink with a Trodat stamp, the ink might be too thick or too thin, causing the stamp to leak and make a mess or gum up and be permanently ruined.
  • Similarly, the various stamp models of each brand require certain types of ink. Therefore, it’s essential to order the ink that is specifically created for the brand, model, and size of your rubber stamp.
    • When ordering stamp pads, if the pad isn’t the right size, it will need to be cut to fit. This is always messy, and if the pads aren’t cut just right, they can shift. Again, this can cause leakage and gum up your stamp.

Our Selection of Rubber Stamp Ink

Here at Rubber Stamp Station, we don’t just sell stamps. We also provide refill ink for our rubber stamps to ensure you get the most out of your investment. We keep a full stock of all of the following replacement inks:

  • Trodat refill ink: Our Trodat ink comes in black, blue, green, red, and violet. This refill ink is for use with our stamp pads.
  • Trodat replacement pads for self-inking stamps: We stock ink for all models of Trodat self-inking stamps, including Printy, Ideal and Professional. These replacement pads are for the self-inking stamps only.
  • Stamp pads: We offers stamp pads in three different sizes. These are the stamp pads for rubber hand stamps. Please note that these stamp pads are not to be used with the self-inking stamps.

No matter what Trodat stamp you use, we have the replacement ink you need to keep it working for years to come.

Contact Us Today!

Order your replacement ink online today! If you still need help figuring out what type of ink your stamp takes, contact our rubber stamp experts at 1 (850) 7STAMPS.

When your stamp runs out of ink, it can become a useless paperweight. Prevent this from happening to you by stocking up...

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Choosing Ink for Your Trodat or Ultimark Rubber Stamp

Choosing ink

Without ink, your rubber stamp may look pretty and professional, but it won’t do you much good. So what do you do when your stamp runs out of ink? Can you refill it or do you have to buy a new stamp?

Choosing ink for Trodat Stamps

When your high quality rubber stamp is in need of new ink, you’ll first want to clarify a few specifications about your stamp. First, you need to determine what brand your stamp is. We carry two brands, Trodat and Ultimark. It is important to note that the ink for these two brands is never interchangeable.

For Trodat stamps, be sure to choose a replacement pad or ink made by Trodat, not by Ultimark. If you use Ultimark ink instead, the rubber dye on your high quality rubber stamp will begin to swell because it’s not compatible with oil-based ink made by Ultimark. This will result in a poor stamp impression and a ruined rubber stamp.

Have a self-inking Trodat stamp? Lost your stamp pad or have one that has aged to a point where you can no longer use it? You need to find the replacement pad designed specifically for the model number on your stamp. Just find the correct model, choose your ink color and be on your way!

However, if your rubber stamp pad is simply dried up and out of ink, there is no need to buy a whole new pad. Just buy a bottle of Trodat refill ink. This is available in blue, black, green, violet and red. Our versatile refill ink is best kept in multiple colors with multiple pads to ensure that you always have the color of ink you need!

Choosing ink for Ultimark Stamps

If your stamp is made by Ultimark, the process is a bit simpler for you. Because all of the Ultimark stamps we sell are of the pre-inked variety, you’ll want Ultimark Stamp Ink, available in either ½ oz or 2 oz bottles.

Remember, Trodat ink can never be used with Ultimark products. While both brands make great stamps, Trodat ink is a lower viscosity than Ultimark ink, which causes Trodat ink to leak out of any Ultimark stamp. This would completely defeat the purpose of your mess-free self-inking stamps, and no one wants to be stuck cleaning that mess up!

Remember, always match the brand of ink to the brand of stamp. If you ever have any questions, our experienced rubber stamp experts are always available to help you with all of your rubber stamp needs. Do not hesitate to call us at 1 (850) 7STAMPS for assistance. Have a wonderful New Year!

Without ink, your rubber stamp may look pretty and professional, but it won’t do you much good. So what do you do when y...

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