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Trodat is Committed to Creating Eco-Friendly Stamps


A few weeks ago, we gave you a summary of the reasons why Trodat has come to be one of the leading stamp brands on the market today. Now, with Earth Day right around the corner, we’d like to go a little bit more in-depth and tell you how the company is working to preserve our planet with eco-friendly Trodat stamps.

Trodat began its mission to protect the climate by lowering its energy use as early as 1993. Ever since then, the company has continued to use innovative strategies for lessening any negative environmental impacts while still creating top-of-the-line stamps. Here are just a few ways in which Trodat does so:

  • Using energy sustainably – At Trodat, energy is preserved through the use of fresh air to cool injection moulding machines. Furthermore, heat is recycled after production to heat buildings. Perhaps best of all, 100% of the electricity used is supplied by renewable energy.
  • Recycling whenever possible – Because Trodat believes in responsible production, the stamp industry leader makes sure that approximately 80% of production waste gets reused. In addition, it recycles all parts that have not been mechanically stressed.
  • Limiting CO2 – Since 2001, Trodat has reduced its CO2 emissions tremendously by discontinuing its use of oil and by limiting its use of fossil fuels, electricity, and natural gas. The company has also lowered its CO2 emissions by using up to 65% post-consumer recycled plastic for stamp models such as the Printy 4.0.
  • Utilizing only safe, quality materials – All components of Trodat stamps are created without dangerous PVC, and raw materials are always in compliance with the Restriction of Hazardous Substances (RoHS). Plus, Trodat thoroughly screens all distributors of its stamps for quality and environmental certification.

For these reasons and many more, Trodat has gained a reputation for its commitment to making the stamp-creation process more sustainable and “green” in every possible way.

RSS Offers a Huge Variety of Eco-Friendly Trodat Stamps!

If you’re looking for the best selection of Trodat’s eco-friendly stamps around, you’ve definitely come to the right place. Here at Rubber Stamp Station, we keep our website stocked with a variety of environmentally conscious Trodat stamps for many purposes. Whether you’re looking for a dater stamp, a return address stamp, an endorsement stamp, or some other product, chances are we have an eco-friendly Trodat stamp that will do the job perfectly. To view our full selection of Trodat stamps, head over to our website now.

Earth Day is Almost Here – Order Your Eco-Friendly Trodat Stamps Now!

Want to lessen the impact you make on the environment just in time for Earth Day 2016? It’s time to purchase Trodat eco-friendly stamps from Rubber Stamp Station. To do so, simply place your order online or call 1 (850) 7STAMPS. We look forward to providing you with stamps that you can feel good about using!

A few weeks ago, we gave you a summary of the reasons why Trodat has come to be one of the leading stamp brands on the m...

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Rubber Stamp Station – The Place for Personalized Rubber Stamps


Are you on the hunt for high-quality personalized rubber stamps? Your search is over now that you’ve found Rubber Stamp Station! We offer endless options for designing your very own personalized rubber stamps on our easy-to-use website.

Create Your Personalized Rubber Stamp in 5 Easy Steps

Ready to get started on your stamp? Head over to our online portal and follow these steps:

  1. Choose the shape and type. Select whether you’d like your stamp to be rectangular or round and whether you want a text stamp or a date stamp.
  2. Pick a template. This is where the customization begins! You can select one of our pre-made templates or create your own. Enter whatever information you’d like to appear on your personalized rubber stamp. Some ideas are your address, email address, website, etc.
  3. Create your design. To ensure that your stamp meets your vision perfectly, we give you full control over its design. We allow you to pick the text size and font, adjust the alignment, create a border and more. In addition, you get to choose from six vibrant ink colors!
  4. Add a graphic. If you’d like your personalized rubber stamp to have a graphic, this is your opportunity to add it! You can choose one from our extensive library or upload your own.
  5. Select your product. Now that you’ve finished designing the stamp of your dreams, it’s time to choose what stamp model you’d like. Depending on the type of stamp you’ve created, we’ll offer you a few suggestions and ask you to select one.

And that’s all there is to it! Now all that’s left is checking out. To do so, simply create a free account with Rubber Stamp Station. Already have one? Just sign in, and you’ll be ready to purchase your personalized rubber stamp and any other stamp supplies you’ve added to your virtual shopping basket!

Don’t Wait – Order Your Stamps Today!

Now that you’ve read this post, you’ve learned everything there is to know about the process for creating a personalized rubber stamp on our online portal. But if you experience any difficulties while navigating our website, we’ll be happy to help you out! Just give us a call at 1 (850) 7STAMPS for assistance from a helpful customer service representative.

Eager for more information from RSS? Learn about our customizable monogram stamps. We look forward to hearing from you in the near future!

Are you on the hunt for high-quality personalized rubber stamps? Your search is over now that you've found Rubber Stamp...

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Protect the Planet with Our Eco-Friendly Rubber Stamps

Protect-the-Planet-with-Our-Eco-Friendly-Rubber-StampsIf you’re looking for a simple way to be a little bit kinder to the Earth in your everyday life, then it’s time to check out the selection of eco-friendly rubber stamps offered by Rubber Stamp Station. Whether you’re looking for a dater, a text stamp, or a customizable self-inking stamp, our website is stocked with a wide variety of stamps that are made with the environment in mind.

Here at Rubber Stamp Station, we believe in bringing our customers quality and service. That’s why all of our environmentally friendly rubber stamps are backed by a complete satisfaction guarantee. They’re produced by the trusted brand Trodat and shipped to you from our brick and mortar store here in Pennsylvania.

A Few of Our Favorite Eco-Friendly Rubber Stamps

We don’t have the space to fully describe every type of eco-friendly rubber stamp that we sell, but we can give you a rundown of some of our most popular ones. These include:

  • Trodat 4914 Printy – Self Inking Stamp: With a plate size of 1” x 2-1/2”, the Trodat 4914 Printy is great for everyday use. Made with post-consumer plastic, this stamp is super light and compact. This makes it better for the environment as well as easy to transport wherever you go! It also features a clean and simple ink pad replacement.
  • Trodat 4820 Printy – Self Inking Dater: With a date size of 5/32”, this high-quality line dater will save you time both at work and at home. Best of all, you can feel good about your decision to purchase it. Why? It’s made from at least 70% recycled material, yet it’s still constructed with the same high level of quality as all of our other Trodat stamps.

For a full listing of the different sizes and varieties of environmentally friendly rubber stamps that we offer, visit our website!

Don’t Wait – Order Your Stamps Now!

If you’re ready to make the switch to more environmentally friendly rubber stamps, order from Rubber Stamp Station today. Our unmatched customer service and prices make us the best place to purchase all of your stamp and ink products. So what are you waiting for? Get in touch with one of our friendly employees now by calling 1 (850) 7STAMPS. And if you’re interested in learning about our message stamps, check out our blog. We look forward to meeting all of your stamping needs!

If you're looking for a simple way to be a little bit kinder to the Earth in your everyday life, then it's time to check...

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