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Name Tags and Name Plates with Rubber Stamp Station


When it comes to summer events, there are a lot of details that go into the planning. We tend to focus on the bigger things like times, dates, costs, catering, and more, so it’s just a little too easy to forget the most important part of events – the guests! The care is in the details, which is why every event should have name tags, so you can add a personal touch and make it easy to know who everyone is. Once you’ve got everyone’s names down, you can worry about the bigger stuff. That’s why Rubber Stamp Station has a name tag or name plate that’s applicable to every occasion.


Whether your event is large, like a conference, or small, like a book club, name tags are a must. They allow you to know everyone attending and for everyone attending to know each other. It’s tempting to go with cheap name tag stickers, but those are easily ripped or lost, and especially if your event is over the course of several days, you’re going to want something sturdier and more permanent. That’s why Rubber Stamp Station offers name badges in a variety of colors and sizes. Check out our popular 1” x 3” Badge for a convenient but professional name tag option. We also offer accessories for our name badges, like a protective pocket sleeve or a magnet.


If your event caters to a more professional atmosphere, or you’ve just hired a new employee, you might be better off with a more permanent name plate. Name plates are perfect to set on the edge of a desk or table, and even look great hung on a wall or door. Our name plates come in three different sizes, and we offer additional sign holders to help you fasten them to the perfect place. Whether you use name plates simply to let everyone know your name or if it’s to express your role at your event or company, a name plate will add an important touch of professionalism to any occasion and office space.

Our name plates and badges come in a variety of colors to fit any occasion. To order, visit us online or call us at 1 (850) 778-2677 for more information!

When it comes to summer events, there are a lot of details that go into the planning. We tend to focus on the bigger thi...

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5 Ways Name Badges Create a Better Workplace

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In recent years, many companies have stopped requiring their employees to wear name badges at work. The reasoning behind this change seems to be that it saves money, eliminates the hassle of remembering to wear the name badge every day, etc. Still, we here at Rubber Stamp Station believe there is far more to gain from wearing a name badge than there is to lose. Here’s why we think so:

  1. Name badges eliminate the anxiety that comes from forgetting coworkers’ names. If you work at a large company (or you’re just plain bad at remembering names), name badges are a huge help. Instead of stressing about accidentally calling someone by the wrong name, you’ll be able to focus your energy on more important things throughout the work day.
  2. Clients and customers will feel more comfortable entering an organization where the associates are wearing name badges. When people from other companies come to your business, they might not be familiar with the appearance of the employee they’re seeking. Wearing name badges at your company will make it easier for visitors to track down the right associate, thereby making things easier for everyone involved.
  3. Name badges encourage you to act more professionally. Studies have shown that wearing a name badge makes employees less likely to lie, treat customers rudely and create conflicts in the workplace. That’s because name badges hold workers accountable for their actions – when everyone can clearly see the employee’s name on a badge, it makes it impossible for that worker to blame his/her wrongdoings on someone else.
  4. You can customize your name badge to reflect your personality. By personalizing the color, font and design of your name badge, you can use it as a way to give coworkers and clients a little bit of insight into who you are without even opening your mouth. Plus, you can provide additional information about yourself by adding your job title, company location or whatever else you’d like to the name badge.
  5. Name badges inspire conversation. For many people, it’s easier to start talking to someone if you already know something about them. Being able to call a coworker you’ve never met by his/her first name right off the bat will make you feel more comfortable initiating a conversation.

Have we convinced you to wear a name badge at work, even if your company doesn’t require it? Head over to the Rubber Stamp Station website now to view our selection of the best name badges around!

We Offer Tons of Name Badge Options

At RSS, we allow you to create an amazing custom name badge by providing several different options for color combination and size. Plus, we give you three choices for your name badge fastener: pin, pocket or magnet.

To order one of our best name badges, call 1 (850) 7STAMPS or use our easy online ordering forum. And while you’re at it, don’t forget to read about how Trodat Professional stamps can help you out in the office. We hope you’ve enjoyed this post, and we look forward to providing you with high-quality name badges and other products!

In recent years, many companies have stopped requiring their employees to wear name badges at work. The reasoning behind...

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