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Show Your Team Spirit with Mascot Rubber Stamps!

Mascot Rubber Stamps

Choosing a mascot for your group, whether it’s your sports team, your business, or your family, is a fun and memorable way to represent what you stand for and are passionate about. Here at Rubber Stamp Station, we make it simple to put your unique mascot on a variety of surfaces, from paper to fabric, using our high-quality mascot rubber stamps.

In our extensive logo library, we offer hundreds of different mascot images, including animals, sports symbols, country emblems, and much more. And just in case you can’t find a pre-made logo that represents your group perfectly, we give you the option to upload your own!

So how should you go about deciding which type of mascot rubber stamp to purchase from our website? It all depends on where and how you plan to use it! Here’s a breakdown of which product is right for which purpose:

  • Clothing Marker Rubber Stamp – Would you like to put your group’s mascot on team jerseys, company uniforms or other fabric items? A permanent, self-inking clothing stamp is the perfect tool for the job. Simply upload your mascot image or create one using our WizardDesign portal and you’ll be all set to stamp your emblem on shirts, hats, sporting equipment, and much more!
  • Return Address Rubber Stamp – Whether you’re stamping your home address or the address of your group’s headquarters, adding a mascot logo to your return address rubber stamp will instantly spice up your envelopes and make your group stand out!
  • Customizable Embosser – Want your mascot to look a bit fancier? Opt for a customizable embosser, which will add an elegant raised impression of your mascot image to envelopes, stationery, and other paper items.

These are just a few of the ways in which you can use our products to include your group’s mascot on your favorite items. Feel free to let your imagination run wild and experiment with others!

Customize Your Mascot Rubber Stamps Today!

Want to show the world that you’re a proud member of a team or group? It’s time to order mascot rubber stamps from Rubber Stamp Station! On our easy-to-navigate website, you can personalize everything about your mascot rubber stamps, from the ink color to the logo size to the alignment.

Ready to get started? Head over to our homepage or call 1 (850) 7STAMPS now! And while you’re at it, check out our post on how portable rubber stamps can take the stress out of your business trips. We can’t wait to show you why we’re the best source for mascot rubber stamps and much more!

Choosing a mascot for your group, whether it's your sports team, your business, or your family, is a fun and memorable w...

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Prepare for Outdoor Adventures with Our Camping Rubber Stamps!

Camping season has officially arrived! Maybe you’re thinking of heading out into the woods for a few days with the family, or perhaps you’re sending your child to summer camp. Either way, our customizable camping rubber stamps can help you get ready for the escapade and document the experience once your family or your child has returned from the forest. Here are a few types of camping rubber stamps that you’ll want to have on hand if you or someone in your family is crazy about camping:

  • A clothing marker rubber stamp – Whether your youngster is heading to summer camp alone or your whole family is going on an outdoor expedition, a clothing marker rubber stamp is a must! This essential camping rubber stamp is good for more than just clothes – it’ll allow you to mark sleeping bags, tents, hats, bathing suits, sporting equipment and much more with the name, address and telephone number of their owner. That means no more frustrating mix-ups!
  • Rubber stamps with your favorite camping graphics – Sitting by the fire roasting s’mores, going for hikes and kayaking are just a few of the super fun parts of camping. Want to commemorate these special and exciting moments? All you need is your favorite camping photos, a scrapbook, and personalized camping rubber stamps to jazz up the pages! You can design and order your camping rubber stamps, complete with camping logos, text or both, in just a few clicks using our Wizard Design portal.
  • A “thank you” rubber stamp – Supervising children in the hot summer sun is not an easy job. So if you’ve sent your kid to camp for the summer, it’s a nice gesture to send thank you cards to the camp counselors and organizers to show your appreciation for their hard work and commitment to giving your child a summer he/she won’t soon forget. To make the card making process easy and cheap, we recommend investing in a “thank you” rubber stamp. Ready to customize yours? Just choose a text stamp model, enter your text and play around with the font and ink color until you’re satisfied with the design! You can also use your graphic camping rubber stamps on the cards to make them extra special.

From helping you prep for the trip to making sure you remember it forever, camping rubber stamps are definitely a useful item for campers of all ages.

Order Once, Use Your Camping Rubber Stamps Over & Over!

If you’ve got a camping trip coming up, now is the time to order your camping rubber stamps! Don’t be intimidated by the process – we promise it only takes a few minutes to create your stamp design, enter your shipping information and pay using our secure online checkout. Once you’ve done so, your camping rubber stamps will be delivered right to your doorstep and you’ll have them for years to come, always ready to pull out when it’s time for another adventure!

So don’t delay – order online or by calling 1 (850) 7STAMPS so you’re ready to camp all summer long. And if you’re after more summertime stamping ideas, check out our post on vacation rubber stamps and how to use them. We can’t wait to hear what you do with your personalized camping rubber stamps!

Camping season has officially arrived! Maybe you're thinking of heading out into the woods for a few days with the famil...

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Why Should I Buy a Trodat Clothing Marker Stamp?

Trodat Clothing Marker Stamp

If you’re seeking a device that will allow you to permanently label clothing or other fabric items so they can be retrieved if misplaced, look no further than the Trodat clothing marker stamp! This stamp is extremely easy to use and comes filled with a special textile ink that is 100% non-toxic, making it the perfect tool for labeling the following types of items:

  • Children’s possessions, such as gym uniforms, camp clothes, school uniforms, duffel bags and backpacks
  • Event wear and other delicate items that need to be taken to a dry cleaner
  • Clothing belonging to individuals who live in buildings with communal laundry rooms, such as dorms, apartment buildings, assisted living facilities and nursing homes

If you or someone in your household has possessions that fall into any of these categories, we highly recommend purchasing a Trodat clothing marker stamp. By using the stamp to mark fabric items with the owner’s name, phone number and address, you’ll ensure all of your family’s lost possessions can be found again. In turn, you’ll avoid the frustration that comes with losing a favorite jacket or an expensive school uniform.

Helpful Tips for Using Your Trodat Clothing Marker Stamp

Now that we’ve told you about the many benefits of having a Trodat clothing marker stamp in your household, we’d like to give you some pointers to help you achieve ideal results with this tool:

  • Before using the stamp on clothing for the first time, do a test run on a piece of scrap cloth. Doing so will allow you to get a feel for how hard you need to press and ensure that you can create clear impressions on all of your possessions.
  • When it comes time to stamp one of your belongings, place the item on a flat surface and use your hand to smooth it out. If you’re having trouble getting rid of wrinkles where you plan to place the stamp impression, you may want to use an iron.
  • After you’ve stamped an item, we recommend waiting at least 24 hours before washing it. This will give the ink time to dry fully and prevent it from being smeared or fading.
  • When washing items that have been marked with a Trodat clothing marker stamp, keep in mind that the impression will only be permanent in water up to 90 °C/194 °F. Therefore, you’ll want to wash these belongings on the cold or warm setting.

Interested in learning more about why the Trodat clothing marker stamp is a useful device for parents with school-age children? Check out our recent blog post!

Place Your Order with a Few Clicks!

Are you tired of having to replace lost attire? Order your Trodat clothing marker stamp today by visiting the Rubber Stamp Station website! And if you have any questions for us, simply call 1 (850) 7STAMPS. We can’t wait to do business with you!

If you're seeking a device that will allow you to permanently label clothing or other fabric items so they can be retrie...

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Why You Should Invest in a School Clothing Stamp

School Clothing Stamp

School is back in session, which means your child will probably be getting a new uniform for school, gym class, sports or choir. These articles of clothing can be hard to keep track of, especially if your child’s school is in charge of washing the garments. Save yourself the frustration that comes with misplaced or mixed up uniforms by purchasing a school clothing stamp from Rubber Stamp Station.

The school clothing stamp we sell, which is made by the top-rated brand Trodat, is superior to other similar products for the following reasons:

  • It’s easy to use – Just like every other Trodat stamp on the market, the school clothing stamp is extremely simple to operate. All you have to do is hold the stamp firmly and press it down on the surface where you want it, and you’ll get a clean, smear-free impression. And when it comes time to change the ink, that’s easy, too! Just pop the ink cartridge out and slide a new one in, and you’ll be ready to continue stamping.
  • The stamp impressions will hold up in the wash – It’s no secret that children’s clothing is subjected to a lot of wear and tear. That’s why the Trodat school clothing stamp is designed to create durable, long-lasting impressions that are permanent and won’t come out when a garment goes through the laundry.
  • The ink is totally safe for children – Another great thing about the school clothing stamp from Trodat is that it takes a special type of textile ink that is 100% non-toxic, making it safe to use on garments for children of all ages.

Clearly, the Trodat school clothing stamp is an amazing item to have around the house.

It’s Time to Buy Your School Clothing Stamp!

Want to start this school year off right by purchasing a school clothing stamp that will allow you to mark your child’s name, address and phone number on his/her uniforms and other belongings? Head over to the Rubber Stamp Station online store now! We offer school clothing stamps in a variety of sizes, including 9/16” x 1-1/2”, 1” x 2-1/2” and 1-1/2” x 3”. So whether you’d like the imprint on your school clothing stamp to be small, medium or large, we can provide exactly what you’re looking for.

To place your order, call 1 (850) 7STAMPS or visit us on the web now. And if you’re a teacher, don’t miss our post on how rubber stamps can assist you in the classroom. We look forward to helping you safeguard your children’s garments with our handy-dandy school clothing stamp!

School is back in session, which means your child will probably be getting a new uniform for school, gym class, sports o...

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How To Design Your Own Clothing Stamp

Screen Shot 2016-07-07 at 2.04.25 PM

Summer’s going fast. What’s next on the agenda?

Maybe you’re getting ready to send your kids off to camp. Whether it’s a retreat in the woods, a community pool, or a gymnasium, your kids are going to have to pack some clothes and accessories. Uniforms, team shirts, bathing suits, hats, towels…the list goes on! Since you can’t always trust your kids to keep their things in order, you may want to take some preemptive action. How about a clothing stamp to mark their items for easy identification? That way they’ll never lose a garment again! Here’s how you do it:

  1. Click on the clothing marker tab on our website. Pick your size – small, medium, or large. Choose the quantity. Click “next” and “create your own.”
  2. First choose whether or not you’d like the program to optimize the font size for the print size. Click “yes” or “no” for a border, and then pick the alignment that works best for your stamp – left, right, or center.Screen Shot 2016-07-07 at 2.07.43 PM
  3. Now turn to the layout preview. You can fill out up to five lines of information. For identification purposes, you might want to include your child’s name, address, phone number, team name, etc. Select your favorite font and pick the best font size for your stamp.Screen Shot 2016-07-07 at 2.08.15 PM
  4. You can also include or upload a specific logo or graphic, such as a baseball or flower. We offer a logo library with 25 categories, so we’re sure you’ll find one you like! After you find your logo, play around with the size to fit the frame, and position it accordingly.Screen Shot 2016-07-07 at 2.08.40 PM
  5. When your clothing stamp is ready, proceed to checkout. That’s it! Your products will be shipped out ASAP. While you’re at it, pick up a replacement ink pad for your stamp, so you’ll be ready whenever you need more ink. Don’t forget: we offer free shipping for orders over $30!

Need more assistance creating your own clothing stamp?

If you want more instructions on ordering products from our website, click here. If you’d like to speak to a customer service representative, feel free to call us at 1.850.778.2677 or email We’d love to help in any way we can. Happy shopping!

Summer’s going fast. What’s next on the agenda? Maybe you’re getting ready to send your kids off to camp. Whether it’s a...

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Equip Your Family with a Summer Camp Clothing Stamp


Now that the weather is getting warmer, it’s time to start planning for summertime activities such as summer camp. One way to do so is by purchasing a summer camp clothing stamp from Rubber Stamp Station. To learn about the features and benefits offered by these useful stamps, keep reading!

  • Our summer camp clothing stamps come in three different sizes. Whether you’d like to stamp just your child’s name on items or you’d also like to include additional information, we’ve got you covered – RSS sells a small, medium, and large clothing stamp.
  • These stamps are made by the trusted stamp brand Trodat. Trodat is one of the leading stamp brands on the market today, and it’s evident when you use their stamps – they’re lightweight yet durable enough to last for years.
  • Using these stamps will ensure your child doesn’t lose his/her things at camp. Save yourself money and frustration by making it clear that your children’s garments belong to him/her. When camp counselors or laundry staff see your child’s name on his/her items, they’ll know exactly who to return the items to.
  • Our clothing stamps for summer camp include permanent ink. All of our clothing stamps are self-inking, meaning you won’t have to hassle with an ink pad. Simply press the stamp down on the desired surface, and you’ll get a clear impression that won’t come out in the wash.
  • These stamps can be used on a variety of surfaces. Apart from clothing, our versatile summer camp stamps can also be utilized for putting your child’s name, address and/or phone number on items such as uniforms, towels and hats.

As you can see, there are tons of perks to be gained by investing in one or more clothing stamps for summer camp from Rubber Stamp Station.

Order Your Summer Camp Clothing Stamps Today!

If you’re interested in placing an order for summer camp stamps or any of our other high-quality rubber stamps, visit our website now and create a free account. Our website is super easy to navigate, but if you have any questions or issues, feel free to call us at 1 (850) 7STAMPS. Plus, be sure to check out our blog post on Trodat, the renowned stamp company that makes clothing stamps and much more. We sincerely look forward to doing business with you!

Now that the weather is getting warmer, it's time to start planning for summertime activities such as summer camp. One w...

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Why Should You Purchase a Trodat Permanent Clothing Stamp?


Are you seeking an easy, efficient way to mark your family’s clothing? Look no further than the permanent clothing stamp from Trodat. With an imprint size of 9/16” x 1-1/2”, it’s big enough to fit all of your personal information, including your name and address. These stamps are fully customizable, so you can also add any other essential information to them.

Here are a few reasons why the Trodat permanent clothing stamp is one of our best-sellers:

  • It’s practical and easy to use: This stamp is far less complicated than laundry pens and iron-on patches. Just press the stamp down firmly on the clothing item, and you’re finished! There’s no mess involved, and the impression won’t bleed or fade in the wash.
  • It’s harmless: Made with children and the elderly in mind, this stamp is filled with non-toxic textile ink. Therefore, it’s safe to have around the house.
  • It’s long lasting: With the clothing stamp from Trodat, you’ll be able to permanently mark your clothing for years to come. And once the stamp runs out of ink, it’s simple to replace the ink cartridge. Visit the Rubber Stamp Station website for information on the ink pad replacement process.

This multipurpose stamp can be used in a variety of places – It’s great for marking clothing for summer camp, dry cleaning, schools, nursing homes and much more. You can also use it on towels, bedding, uniforms and other textile items. Whether you need it for yourself, your children or your parents, the Trodat permanent clothing stamp is guaranteed to get possessions back to their owners after cleaning.

RSS Is the Best Place to Purchase Your Permanent Clothing Stamp

If you’re ready to start taking advantage of the benefits offered by Trodat permanent clothing stamps, then it’s time to get in touch with Rubber Stamp Station. As a family-owned and -operated business in southeastern Pennsylvania, we pride ourselves in providing superior customer service and quality with every transaction. Plus, we have the best prices around!

Visit our website now to view our entire catalog of rubber stamps and stamp accessories. If you have a question or need assistance with ordering, just give us a call at 1 (850) 7STAMPS. Furthermore, be sure to check out our recent blog post about our top-rated personalized rubber stamps. We look forward to hearing from you in the near future!

Are you seeking an easy, efficient way to mark your family's clothing? Look no further than the permanent clothing stamp...

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